Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting started

Hello my fellow scrappers!!!  I am just getting up and running with my new blog so if you just so happened upon my Blog, first let me say THANKS!!  and second, it will get better......I am just learning all of the technical stuff to get it going.  I am hoping to share my love for scrapbooking as well as my love for Close to my Heart products with you all......  I remember the first time I bought myself a brand new rubber stamp set and I was so excited to create a beautiful window box scene....Well,...I ever so carefully stamped the beautiful window/window sill stamp.  I was quite impressed by the outcome so onto stamping the beautiful fall pumpkins to sit upon the window sill.  I inked the stamp and set it down carefully on what I thought was the window sill and pumpkins were floating about a quarter of an inch above the window sill.  HENCE the reason I LOVE Close to my Heart (CTMH).  Our stamps and blocks are acrylic and 100% clear so I can now see exactly where to stamp my pumpkins or any other image!!  I will have more information on how YOU to can stamp beautiful images with our beautiful acrylic stamps as soon as I learn to link my CTMH website to my Blog....Oh, so much to learn......See you soooooon!!.......*Brenda

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